Marcin Kłeczek

Web Developer, IT Specialist


Over 15 years of professional experience working in development of Web applications using PHP. Specialized in ERP/Automotive Industry. Expertise in using Symfony 2/3/5 and Symfony Components. Worked on MySQL for the last twenty years.



I have been programming in PHP since 3.x version. I know every evolution from the past and I am looking forward for the new possibilities. I am administrator of few LAMP stacks but also using other servers (Windows too).


I have been developing web application for the half of my life. I felt in love with it at the end of the XX century still remember beeping of my 28.800 modem. Quickly switched from web pages to web application for companies.

Project Direction

Team Leader (web developing + infrastrucutre administration).


  • PHP
  • Symfony 2/3/4/5
  • MySQL/Percona
  • HTML 5/CSS - Bootstrap
  • Javascript/jQuery/Backbone
  • Linux/Apache administration
  • MySQL administration
  • Docker
  • Git
  • OFTP/EDI Connections
  • Symfonia ERP integration
  • Software integration


Aures sp. z o.o.

Chief Information Officer / Team Leader / Senior PHP Developer


The same as above + the responsibility for all the IT aspects.
Active maintenance of large ERP/MES application. Reduction of technical debt. New features, migration from Symfony3 to Symfony5, and small team leading.

STACK: PHP 7.4, Symfony 3, Symfony 5, MySQL (Percona), Javascript (jQuery, Backbone), Memcache.

Aures sp. z o.o.

Architect / Senior PHP Developer / Administrator


I am an architect, developer, tester, implementer, LAMP administrator, coach for application for injection moulding plant. It can be described as mix of: Enterprise Resource Planning II, Material Requirements Planning, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management, Manufacturing Execution System, Computerised Maintenance Management Systems, Quality Tracing System... etc. etc. It is running on PC (office staff) / Tablets (machine operators) / Barcode scanners (Warehouse guys) / TV (presentations/maintenance guys), and Phones (all kind of workers). It is integrated with few external system - Injection Moulders, OFTP EDI's clients systems, printers, barcode scanners, working time recording software, accountant system etc. etc.

STACK: PHP 7.x, Symfony 2 -> Symfony 3, MySQL (Percona), JavaScript (jQuery, Backbone), Memcache.

AR PoProstu / VML

Senior PHP Developer


Two Digital Agencies.

STACK: PHP, Symfony 2, Zend Framework 1, MySQL, JavaScript.

Web Developer

2010-12 was a social network application. (offline) was RSS aggregator - as many in web 2.0 era. I was an architect, PHP Developer, HTML/CSS designer and LAMP administrator. It died as web 2.0 era.

STACK: PHP, MySQL, SphinxSearch.

Aures sp. z o.o.



Everything started in 2006. At the beginning it was a simple application for Production Execution and Warehouse Management based on own framework (still working after 14 years!) and LAMP stack. It has outgrown to fulfill ERP II system and has been used by every department of injection moulding company - from supply chain operators, warehouse (etc) to chairman.


Regular PHP/DB Developer


Website and internal application for digital printing lab.

STACK: PHP, JavaScript, HTML.

Linux Administrator


I was linux and network administrator of the local network - designed for several dozen of people in the neighborhood.


Junior Java ME Game Developer


Few games on the first mobile phones with color display.

STACK: J2ME, Java.

Junior Web Developer (ASP.NET)

2000 (6 months)

First commercial job - website about Polish presidential election (offline now).



Częstochowa University of Technology

Master of Sicence (MS), Software Engineering and Computer Science Systems